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Eazy Sponsor will help you to reach your full social potential! We are ready to offer support throughout your social career with campaigns made just for you! Are you ready to make money with your social media paltforms!
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If you already have a strong social presence, let us do the work for you. Eazy Sponsor will match you with the brands and products you are interested to endorse!
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We offer you a complete package in influencer marketing. Our team is ready to help you unleash your power as an influencer, and build your personal brand!


How can I get involved?

It’s easy! Start by clicking get in touch button and fill our contact sheet. After that someone on our team will contact you as soon as possible!

How do I get information about upcoming campaigns?

After you sign up, member of our team will contact you and discuss what kinds of a campaigns you prefer. Soon after that we will start to provide you with different campaigns of your liking!

Show me the money!

Your earnings depends on many different factors. For example, amount of followers, social channel, your activity in campaign etc. In added bonus many of the campaigns include free promotion apparel and services! Eazy Sponsors main focus is to get the best deals in the business for our influencers and that’s what you will get!

Am I going to be under exclusive contract with Eazy Sponsor?

Absolutely not! We don’t want to tie you down. You are free to do other social marketing jobs as many as you please. We believe you should have full control of your account and decisions about what you promote. Being part of Team Eazy will be relaxing experience without bureaucracy and hassle. You decide!

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